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Riverotters (121K)
Manu low impact Tour, Reserved Zone 9 days 8 nights


Cloud Forest, Pantiacolla Lodge, Lake Salvador and Otorongo, Macaw Lick
9 days - in by bus over Manu Road, out by bus over Interoceánica Road

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DAY 1: Cusco-Cloud Forest

Leaving Cusco early in the morning, we begin an 8-hour journey crossing the Andes by bus. We will stop for breakfast at the beautiful colonial village of Paucartambo. Continuing, we climb to the highpoint of the Manu Biosphere at about 4000m before descending to the cloud forest. In these mysterious surroundings we hike to the lek of the incredible cock-of-the-rock, to see the 'performance' of the males right under our eyes. We spend our first night in the rustic lodge Posada San Pedro (approx. 1,600m).

DAY 2: Cloud Forest-Cocha Machuhuasi-Pantiacolla Lodge

toocute (54K)At daybreak we continue by bus to tropical lowland rainforest. Here at the small village Atalaya at 650 m, we change into a motorized canoe to navigate some 2 hours down the turbulent Alto Madre de Dios River. From here we get great views of the Andes. We stop for a visit of one of the very view lakes on the Alto Madre de Dios River, where you can go around on small traditional rafts. For the next two nights we stay at the Pantiacolla lodge, right at the foot of the Pantiacolla Mountain Range. The forest of Pantiacolla Lodge is a very special rainforest: this is where the Andes and the lowland tropical rainforest meet and offers visitors the opportunity to see a good range of birds and plants from both zones as well as endemics to the area. Your first hike will be on the lowland trails, at 400m above sea level. Also at night, we explore the forest by torchlight looking for insects, snakes and the uniquely nocturnal night-monkey or 'douricouli'. We spend the night in Pantiacolla Lodge.

DAY 3: Pantiacolla Lodge trails

The forest of Pantiacolla Lodge is a very special rainforest: this is where the Andes Mountains and the lowland Amazon rainforest meet. It has animal and plant species of both zones as well as a high number of endemics, that is species only to be found in this area and nowhere else on Earth. Your first walks will be on the lowland trails, at 400 m above sea level. At night, we explore the forest by torchlight, looking for insects, frogs, lizards and the unique nocturnal night-monkey or "douroucouli". We spend the night in Pantiacolla Lodge.Range.

DAY 4: Clay lick for parrots & Shintuya Hot Springs

Early in the morning the boat takes you to a nearby clay lick for parrots and the rare blue-headed macaw. Their spectacle is both impressive to see and hear! Afterwards we walk another trail of the lodge's extensive trail system. At midday we boat up to the Shintuya Hot Springs to meet up with the people doing the 7-day tour. In the late afternoon and evening we do another nightwalk with a visit of Ranacocha, Frog Lake. Overnight in Pantiacolla Lodge..

DAY 5 & 6: Lake Salvador and Lake Otorongo

junglecamp (133K)Early in the morning we boat down the Alto Madre de Dios River to then turn up the Manu River for an 8-hour ride into the heart of Manu's Reserved Zone. From this vantage point we will have great views of riverside birds, sunbathing caiman, and the enormous aquatic guinea pig, the capybara. We reach our Camping Huts deep inside Manu in the afternoon. This will be our base for this and the next day. During this time, we will hike through virgin forest and explore one of the most beautiful lakes of the Manu basin, Lake Salvador, by catamaran. There is a chance to see a huge variety of colourful birds, numerous species of monkey and with luck, a family of giant otters. We also visit another, somewhat smaller lake, Cocha Otorongo, which has a 20 meter-high observation platform overlooking the lake. At night we can explore the forest by torchlight or we may be able to go moonlight caiman-spotting on the lake.

DAY 7: Lake Salvador-Macaw Lick

howlersatclaylick (74K)We return back down the Manu River early in the morning, which gives us a good chance to see one or more of Manu's rarer mammals, such as a tapir or anteater or maybe one of the big cats, crossing the river or resting on its shores. Joining the Madre de Dios River we arrive at Blanquillo, near the claylick for macaws, where we spend the night in the jungle lodge Tambo Blanquillo.

DAY 8: Macaw Lick

At first light we head to the macaw lick to watch the dazzling spectacle of hundreds of parakeets, parrots and big macaws eating clay. In the afternoon we visit another one of Manu's beautiful oxbow lakes or visit a 42-meter high canopy tower. We spend the night again in the jungle lodge Tambo Blanquillo.

DAY 9: Blanquillo-Boca Colorado-Cusco

Back on the boat early in the morning, we head downstream to the small mining village Boca Colorado. Here and in Mazuco later on, you can see the negative effects of certain human activities on the delicate ecological balance of the rainforest. We take local transportation to the crossing of the Inambari River. On the other side, our bus is waiting to take you over a newly paved road, through beautiful cloud and elfin forest. Near Cusco, you have stunning views of the Ausangate Mountain. Cusco is reached in the early evening.

Bearing in mind the uncontrollable forces of nature, the program could be subject to changes at any time Manu is a rainforest that has remained intact because of its hidden location. This means the program involves much traveling by bus and boat. However, it also means you are in a part of the Amazon rainforest that has no comparison, with an untouched flora and fauna!

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  • Bearing in mind the uncontrollable forces of nature, the program may be subject to change at any time
  • **Every group can contain people who travel for 7 or 9 days
  • ***Due to several recent cases of malaria in the area on the way to Manu, we do recommend everyone to take a prophylaxis when going on one of our tours.
  • The yellow fever situation is about the same. Moreover, yellow fever is almost always lethal. Therefore, it is not only recommended but even required that one receives the yellow fever vaccination at least ten days before entering Manu.
  • For further information and booking inquiries please send us and e-mail.