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The Sacred Earth Newletter is a FREE Ezine which aims at a 6 weekly publication cycle. It contains articles, news and reviews on all things herbal and/or ethnobotanical.

Like the rest of this site, this is a growing and evolving feature. The newsletter is a free subscription service which will arrive in your mail box approximately every 6 weeks. The email version is abbreviated, providing short abstracts of each article with a direct link to the full version on-line. This prevents unnecessary clutter in your emailbox. It also means that you don't get overwhelmed by huge unwieldy html documents and images which take ages to download. If you wish to contribute to this newsletter, have your book reviewed, or make an important announcement relevant to ethnobotany or herbalism please get in touch with us directly. Please note that all materials presented in this newsletter are copyrighted. You may forward the newsletter to your friends or anybody you think might be interested, but please send it in its entirety. Reuse of the content is only permitted with expressed permission of the author.
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Please note that although all the references to edible and medicinal herbs are tried and tested, their efficacy cannot be guaranteed. Furthermore, different people react differently to various plants, and adverse reactions cannot be excluded. Historical information regarding poisonous plants is included for educational purposes only and should not be tried out at home. Everybody uses herbs at their own risk and thus must make themselves fully aware of their potential power. Any information given here is educational and should not replace a visit to the doctor should this be necessary. Neither Sacred Earth nor Kat Morgenstern accepts responsibility for anybody's home experimentation. Links to external sites are included as pointers to further resources. Sacred Earth nor Kat Morgenstern accepts responsibility for the content of external sites.

Please note: This newsletter is now hosted at yahoo groups.

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