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© Kat Morgenstern, 2002

The end of the year always provides a good opportunity for reflection. It is a good time to raise one's consciousness beyond one's personal condition, desires and needs and reflect on the global situation of which each one of us is a part, no matter how remotely we choose to live. This past year has not been one to cherish or celebrate, at least not in global or environmental terms. We have witnessed the fear driven clamp down on civil liberties - rushed in on the bandwagon of 'protection' and 'public security'. It is sad to see fear used as a marketing tool and sadder still to see it work so well.

We have witnessed climate changes that have leashed havoc around the globe - and still the powers to be are in denial, continuing to rape and pillage for what it is worth to them.

We have witnessed a great opportunity for change all but flop due to lack of political will and focus. It seems a good idea can spark the fire of enthusiasm spontaneously, but over time that fire is corrupted by self-interest and dampened by bureaucracy and all its ifs, and whens and buts and can'ts...The world summit sparked high hopes the first time around, being fuelled by good will and enthusiasm for change for a better, healthier, cleaner and fairer world. Ten years later political leaders seemed to have had too much time on their hands to ponder strategic moves for political bargaining for their country's economic interest. The initiative for change is back in the court of individuals and grass roots organizations that put their emphasis on action rather than talk. What has been learned from this lesson is that nothing changes unless we change. We, meaning, 'we, the people', not 'we, the government as the political arm of the corporations and its subjects.' So, if you still believe in change for a better world live your philosophy NOW, in your daily life, don't wait for legislation. The choices we make every day do affect the whole world, even though the connections might seem mysterious and obscure.

Meanwhile, there is another threat hanging over our heads, one that seems to dwarf all other concern. Dark forces are war-mongering and drawing all of us, want it or not, into their spiral of descent. War spells disaster, not just for all the countless human victims, now and of yet unborn generations, but for the earth as well. While war has never been humane or pretty the capabilities for pollution and contamination available with modern weapons of mass destructions are not like any we have ever seen before. What can possibly be gained from such a war? Where will it end? And what do we stand to loose, not just as individuals or nations, but as human beings?

At the turn of the year we are facing a dark moment in our history. Its not like we have not been there before - but apparently it seems as though we have learned nothing from our previous experiences. And as history has already shown innumerable times, those who do not learn from the past are destined to repeat its lessons. The victims of war are always innocent civilians, the children, the future generations and not least of all, the earth herself. When we nuke each other we also poison her and her pain will linger long after our individual lives have passed away.

What will lay ahead in the months to come? Will we remember the lessons of history in time to stop the madness? Or will we, blinded by fear go along with it to our demise?

My prayers at this time will be for peace, for love and harmony to prevail among all people, for protecting our planet the source of all life and all its creatures, and for a future that will shine with the light of wisdom - and not glow with the passion of hatred and war.

I hope you will join me in my prayers

Wishing you all a happy and peaceful 2003
Kat Morgenstern


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