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Of Health and Wealth
Kat Morgenstern, June, 2003

pills.jpg (8K)Why is it, that despite all the clever medical interventions, technological advances, gazillions of pharmaceutical preparations and a constant bombardment of information regarding diet, nutrition and health people are still as sick as ever? In fact, many hitherto unknown diseases keep emerging seemingly out of nowhere. We seem to be very disease conscious, constantly worrying about our health, yet apparently unable to attain that mythical state of well-being that is portrayed as the ideal. The situation is not dissimilar to our relationship with the ideal image of beauty, which everybody wants, but nobody really feels they have or can ever achieve, no matter how much make-up they use to cover up their flaws.

But before examining this strange situation any further perhaps we ought to spend some time reflecting on what we actually mean by 'health'? Most people consider health an absence of symptoms of disease. So long as the body functions, i.e. performs its essential duties, they consider themselves healthy, even if they are overweight, feel sluggish and are lacking energy, suffer from anxiety or sleeplessness, drink too much, have a low libido and are nervous or fearful. The list of such non-serious medical conditions could be endlessly extended, but because such symptoms are not life threatening they are not considered as 'sickness'.

Many of us can not even imagine a state of well-being that makes them feel radiant, glowing, buzzing with energy without being stressed, a healthy appetite without having to worry about excess calories, and sound restful sleep that lets one awaken refreshed each morning as though one had just been reborn.

We know the intricate workings of the body and all its parts, each organ, enzyme and cell and now we are even beginning to decipher the DNA, the very building blocks of life, in search for of the secrets that we believe are the keys to health and disease. Apparently the fault lies in the parts. A reductionistic mindset perceives the human body, and for that matter, the universe itself, as the sum of its parts. If a part does not work properly it must be fixed or replaced to reestablish the smooth functioning of the whole.

Yet, when we examine the root of the word 'healing' we discover that it is related to 'wholeness' and even 'holy'. It denotes a state of equilibrium, a psycho/spiritual/physical balance that implies that the body is but an expression of the spirit. A symptom of a disease therefore is not a malfunction, which must be covered up so that normal function can resume, rather, it is a warning sign of an inner imbalance, a message from the soul to slow us down and urge us to reconsider our alignment with the cosmic order and our path, it urges us to listen within and adjust, not to the symptom but to the cause of the discomfort.

However, in today's world time is money and the emphasis is placed on achievement, not on 'being'. We seek the quick fix so we don't loose our position in the rat race. The values of society cling to material and thus transitional things. For some reason our attention is more focused on how to obtain lots of money or assets, the value of which might shift to nil over night, than to any inner values, which cannot be seen but are part of the permanent strands that make up the fabric of our souls.

Life in general has become very superficial and we are seeking to cover up the wounds of our souls that manifest in ever changing 'symptoms', with an ever evolving array of pharmaceutical band-aids - much to the delight of the pharmaceutical companies that develop them, for their existence and prosperity depends on our continued 'dis-ease', not on our health and well-being. So long as their colorful pills can keep the symptoms somewhat at bay people will come back for more, for to truly take the time and discover the messages of the soul requires some hard work, a lot of time and above all self-honesty to face truths we might rather wish to ignore. And beyond that, it requires action on our part to change our lifestyle and habits in order to realign with the cosmic patterns of our soul. For a society that is conditioned to consume and is taught to expect a quick fix for everything, that might just be too much to ask and so the pharmaceutical companies will live happily ever after...

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