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healinglyme (3K)Healing Lyme Disease Naturally: History, Analysis, and Treatments
Dr.Wolf Dieter Storl

Lyme disease appears to be spreading to epidemic proportions, along with other serious tick borne diseases such as tick-borne encephalitis, also known as TBE. While I do not personally suffer from these afflictions, I live in an area that is considered 'high risk' for Lyme and TBE and as someone who enjoys the outdoors and a close contact with herbs and nature, ticks are a constant concern. Unfortunately there are not many preventative measures one can take for protection - vaccinations are available for TBE, but not for Lyme. Furthermore, this vaccination is neither 100% effective, nor risk free. For Lyme, the only available treatment comes in the form of antibiotics, which I abhor. What a dilemma. But as I am out and about A LOT I figured I should inform myself about these little creepy crawlies and learn what I could from my trusted teacher, who himself contracted Lyme disease some years ago.

As a cultural anthropologist Dr. Storl's always applies a cross-cultural perspective, drawing on many different sources of information, from the anecdotal, to historical, mythological and scientific materials, which stimulates a complete rethink and adaptation of different viewpoints from which to consider the topic.

As modern citizens of 'civilized' western countries one tends to be conditioned by the reductionist mindset, a simplistic, mechanistic cause-and-effect explanatory model, in which man is posed in a constant struggle against the forces of 'evil' nature. Even though we may not consciously accept such a view, it is so insidious and ever-present in western culture that it feels like an act of heresy to think differently. Yet, one can be completely oblivious to it - until it is challenged by someone who really dares to think outside the box, as Dr. Storl does.

Instead of accepting the commonly held concept of health and disease with its mechanistic explanatory model he instead takes the reader on an excursion to other cultures where disease, health and healing are viewed in completely different terms. Looking at our cultural precepts from an outside perspective suddenly opens up another frame of references and leads to the realization that the western model is but one of many possible ways to look at the world and our place within it.

Dr. Storl proceeds to examine the properties and behaviours of the virus, its rise to epidemic proportions and what that might indicate in the wider context of the ecosystem and its condition. Yet, this book is far from 'merely' philosophical. It explains the science in easy to understand layman's terms and considers both, the virus and the disease within a larger system of references.

Instead of regarding Lyme as a narrowly defined disease, he talks about the virus as the manifestation of a miasma that permeates our Zeitgeist and tries to illuminate its mercurial nature and the many forms of expression it can take. The simplistic cause and effect model is thrown out of the window. Instead he urges one to understand that disease is a process and a highly individual journey that challenges each afflicted individual to navigate back to their true center of balance.

He also discusses a wide range of remedies and treatment options, many of which are based on traditional treatment approaches for syphilis, which is caused by a virus of the same family. In Storl's philosophy there is no standard medicine, no one-size-fits-all approach to healing, because as human beings we are all different and unique - and so is the expression of the symptom complex that we commonly label as Lyme disease. Much can be gleamed and learned, yet he does not offer 'a miracle cure'. Instead Dr. Storl shares his own journey of regaining his equilibrium and in doing so, hopes to inspire others to do the same. This book is not for those who search for definitive answers, but rather for those who dare to venture out and beyond the textbook models and explore their own path of healing. The book was originally written in German, which is why the terminology and language at times may seem a little odd. Those who understand German should read the book in its original as Dr Storl's style of writing is something to savour. However, it is a blessing that this book has now become available to English speakers, and so many more people afflicted with Lyme disease will be able to benefit from the insights and wisdom contained within its pages.

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